Knowledge is the key to understanding, empowering, independence and freedom to be the best a person can be. And the author knows that personally from her experience. Now, through her book, she wants everyone to be inspired, to rise above any situation, to not be afraid to question, to challenge themselves as well as a broken system, to raise the consciousness of those who have been a part of the downfall and awaken the courage in themselves, and to finally address and correct – or restore – for future generations to come.

Step inside the author’s Little Cottage House and get a glimpse of her journey: falling down and getting up, rising and overcoming the obstacles that life dealt her.

A continuation of her first book, she continues to share of the problems that grew, manifested, and affected all areas of her life as well as the societies – the cause and effect when there’s without rules and regulations to protect. She wanted to expose how widespread negligent actions became man-made problems rampant and accepted, disregarded even when life takes unexpected turns. And yet, it also shows how unplanned, unprepared life-changing events help one survive and accept challenging times, pushing one to rise above the fray with determination and dignity.

This is also a book that teaches and hopefully reaches the consciousness through understanding the importance of responsibility, accountability in this life, and the importance of addressing and acknowledging the problematic areas for restoration and solutions. See how good people come into our life as if a gift that encourages and gives hope once more.