About the Author

aboutus-patti-zonaPatti Zona was born in Neptune, New Jersey.

Life was challenging even when she was growing up. Still, she persevered. She always felt fortunate having loving sisters and brothers. She would marry at a young age, incorporating her love of the arts, music, and dance into her home, family for her children. She found her gifts and talents a way to express and release in her life. She and her husband would achieve tremendous success in their marriage. Their difference complimented. She was the heart of the family. He was driven by his successes. Until, one too many. They would divorce after many years, but not a typical divorce. Her life would be on hold for years. Yet, during this time, her volunteer work at the Crisis Center, the Nursery Crisis Center and as a Guardian Ad litem was her way of trying to make a better difference.

Finally her experiences too vast – on and off court, she was compelled to write – to enlighten, inspire and awaken the consciousness – to regain dignity and real reason and purpose to be recognized through knowing the truths in our experiences. We all can make a better difference.